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Michael Chhabra

Business, Criminal, and Tort Law

About Michael

Michael Chhabra is a business professional focused on bringing a service-centric approach to the field of law. Through the latest technology, Michael works to shake up operations in the tort law vertical, giving better customer service to the industry. He is based in Washington, DC.


Though not a lawyer himself, Michael became involved in the field of tort law, working with a lead generation company to acquire clients on behalf of law firms. Through his business savvy, he was able to successfully evolve the company to a point where he was able to exit with $4 million, transitioning into partnerships with four DC-based law firms.


Now, Michael Chhabra focuses on business success in this space. He saw an opportunity to expand client communications among law firms, using technology to create new avenues for clients to reach out to lawyers. For Michael, it’s important for clients to feel like they’re being treated with respect, particularly in the stressful period surrounding a legal battle. Through CRM software, he strives to make the process more efficient. Similarly, automated bot technologies allow for AI to handle phone conversations and ensure quick answers for clients.


Michael has taken his expertise and applied it in the nonprofit sphere as well. Through Justice Guru, he looks to aggregate information about mass torts related to defective drugs and medical devices and helps represent the victims. Even in the nonprofit vertical, he feels that the application of business technology is paramount to improving communication and providing better outcomes for those the organization represents.


Michael Chhabra recognizes that the days of traditional call centers are long gone and that it’s important to communicate with clients on more than one channel. He has leveraged his experience to improve the tort law vertical, ensuring that lawyers have the tools to both find new clients and keep in touch with their current clients.


Keep up to date with Michael’s blog as he writes about the myriad applications of business technology and the ways they can make a difference in any industry.


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